The use of adhesive tape to ensure closure of the eye during a surgical procedure is and has been an effective and cost wise method to protect the eye. However, the use of adhesive tape carries with it several unfortunate consequences. The most obvious drawback of adhesive tapes are allergic responses to the adhesive itself thereby producing a reaction which can injure the eye and surrounding tissues. In addition, the removal of adhesive tape at the conclusion of the surgical procedure causes tearing of delicate peri-orbital tissues, sheering of eyelashes and eyebrows, and corneal abrasion. All of these untoward effects are usually self-limiting and resolve without much residual consequence, however sometimes there are significant sequela from this rather crude method.

Placing a disposable pillow over the bridge of the nose to rest on each eye lid solves this problem at low cost and with little if any untoward consequence.

The EYE PILLOW was invented such that small silicone pellets encased in a porous material are used to employ gravity to hold the eye lids naturally closed. Following the application of an eye lubricant the anesthesiologist then closes the eyelids before placing the EYE PILLOW across the nose to rest on each eye lid. It should not be necessary to make any adjustments of the pillow during the procedure, but periodic inspection is thoughtful and through. Once the procedure has completed and the anesthetic has been withdrawn then the EYE PILLOW is removed and discarded. The EYE PILLOW is intended for single use only.

Each box of EYE PILLOWS contains ten units which are individually wrapped and provide natural forces to effectively and safely keep the eye lids closed and the eye protected. Although invented for primarily use in surgical procedures, the EYE PILLOW can also be employed in the intensive care unit where intentional sedation is used in a therapeutic endeavor. Again the application of an eye lubricant followed by the application of the EYE PILLOW can be used to protect the eyes during chemical restraint whereby reflexes have been obtunded. Single use application is here again recommended with the re-application of ointment and a new pillow each 24 hour period.


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