Medical Eye Pillow

The Med-Eye Pillow is the sensible, comfortable, and safe alternative for eye protection during general anesthesia.

This device is intended to use gentle forces to keep the eyes closed during a surgical procedure in the supine position only. Other than sore throat, corneal abrasion is the most common complaint post-anesthesia. This device avoids sticky tape that may itself result in a corneal abrasion and also avoids skin irritation due to adhesives as well as torn skin and missing eye lashes as the result of tape usage. If applied properly with lubricant, the eye should be well protected and messy and unsightly adhesive problems eliminated.


New Med-Eye Pillow


Use only with the patient in the supine position. Following induction and securing of the airway. Check the eye lids for reflexes and apply a liberal amount of ophthalmic lubricant to each eye. Ensure both eyes are completely closed, then gently lay the Med Eye Pillow across the bridge of the nose so as to carefully fall over each eyelid. Allow the gentle forces of gravity to keep the eye lids closed during the remainder of the procedure. Check periodically for any “creep” of the eyelids and insure lubrication is adequate. The eyes should be examined and manipulated periodically during the procedure to insure good blood flow and adequate moistness of the tissues. Apply new lubricant when necessary. At the end of the procedure and before extubating or prior to any manipulation of the head, remove and discard the Med Eye Pillow.